RestorCap is an investment and advisory firm that creates value by redeveloping and transforming marginal, or abandoned real estate.  We believe that private capital plays an important role in rejuvenating the environment.


 Current Project 


RestorCap is implementing an urban restoration project within the Portland Harbor Superfund Study Area advancing ecological restoration goals.  The project will create natural resource and mitigation credits that may be purchased by industry or other responsible parties to offset past environmental liability.  RestorCap will dismantle a former plywood plant and transform the 25-acre site into riparian, channel, tidal marsh, and mud flat habitats, and daylight a section of freshwater stream which is now currently piped.  The project, conducted under the oversight of the Portland Harbor Trustee Council, will create vital habitat to native anadromous fish and other critical species.

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Understanding the economics of restoration allows us to identify and uncover value. Our experience serving end-users helps us realize that value.